Location : 15 Yinusa Adeniji street, off Toyin Street Ikeja Lagos State

Annual Single Health Diagnosis of 70 diseases using rare Korean Technology and proferrable solutions to any ailment diagnosed.

The Health of a Community has an overall impact on the Health of the Nation. Once a year as is the custom in developed countries a health check is necessary to detect existing developing and possibly already debilitating diseases. Our Community Health Management Project is designed for a community of a minimum of 100. Using an advanced Korean Technology exclusive to BHC in Africa up to 70 Diseases can be detected with one single Test. Keep your Community Healthy TODAY…. REQUEST A QUOTE MobDoctor Download our MobDoctor app and consult a Doctor on the go. Verify a prescription from a Pharmacist and get locations to Standard Laboratories all from the comfort of your app. It also has a gear that makes medical checkup easier and simpler all from the comfort of your Mobile App Stem Cell Therapy Stem Cell Therapy is a revolutionary medical breakthrough in the field of stem cell research and treatment. This rare therapy corrects the most advance of defects diseases and illnesses in the human body.